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             Malwa Group – one of the large textile conglomerates in India – Spreading wings across the globe Malwa Group, one of the large textile conglomerates in India was founded by Late Lala Vidyasagar Oswal - a visionary known as much for his perspicacity and sharp business acumen as for his philanthropic pursuits. Today, after having been in existence for seven decades, Malwa Group has become an over 10,000-member strong Institution. The Group is fully integrated in Textiles with interests in Ginning, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, Processing and Garmenting. The significant business diversifications and the major international forays towards expansion are proof of the growing international presence of the Malwa Group. The group operates its total business in 4 major divisions viz. Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills (Ginning, Spinning and Sewing Threads), Malwa Worsted Division and Process House (Dyeing and Worsted Processing), Oswal Knits (Knitting, Garmenting and Retailing) and Malwa Industries Limited (Composite Denim Fabric and multi locational Garmenting Units). MALWA INDUSTRIES LIMITED (MIL) - Denim arm of the Malwa Group In 1997, Mr. Jangilal oswal, Chairma of the group and Mr. Rishi Oswal, Managing Director of Malwa Industries Limited started the denim manufacturing facility in response to the increased market demand for Jeans. Since then the company has been growing at a fast pace. Malwa's premier denim manufacturing plant is located at Ludhiana in Punjab. Its operations today span India (where it is headquartered), Bangladesh, Jordan & Italy. Through these operations, its products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide where these are sold under some of the biggest denim brands & designer labels. With Quality certifications such as the ISO9001, ISO14001, GOTS, Organic Exchange, Oekotex & Woolmark, the name Malwa has today become synonymous with superlative quality & product excellence. In recognition of its excellent track record in exports, it has also been honored with Export Performance Awards by the Govt. of India in recent years. Equipped with the latest machines imported from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan & the US, the facility boasts of some of the best equipment the industry has to offer. With this state-of-the-art technology, MIL achieves a current production capacity of 20 million meters of denim fabrics & 4.50 million pairs of Jeans annually in its Indian Operations. The Jeans manufacturing facility at Jordan (Third Dimension Apparel LLC or more popularly Petra) boasts of an annual capacity of 4.0million pieces catering to the major US and European Brands. The Italian venture (Emmetre) is a fully automated state-of-the-art facility for Garment Dyeing & Finishing adding 2.5million pieces annually in capacities to Malwa's denim stable. It caters to the top end of the market and has a client base comprising of leading designer labels & fashion brands. Malwa groups’ denim business is also recently expanded to a new garment unit in Bangladesh with the state of the art facilities for Garmenting and Denim Finishing. Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. (MCSM) Malwa Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd or MCSM is among the top ten textile mills in the Indian sub-continent. The Mills are situated amidst the rich cotton growing belts of India namely Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The total spindleage of both the units is around 140000 with a production of 45 tonnes/day Cotton Yarn, 25 tons / day Acrylic Yarn and 10 tons/day Polyester/Viscose Yarn. A strong, skilled workforce of 5000 persons including highly experienced textile professionals under the dynamic & able leadership of Mr. Jangi Lal Oswal, the Group Chairman is committed to meeting the challenges of exacting Global textile standards. Malwa yarn is well sought after by domestic & international markets. Malwa yarn conforms to the most stringent International Quality standards in production. The mills are equipped with hi-tech state-of-the-art machineries from world-renowned textile machinery manufacturers like Rieter, Trutzschler, Crossrol, Schlafhorst and Savio. All the above process machines are also equipped with latest on-line quality control equipments combined with computerized information system. World wide recognized & accepted high-reliability Uster quality control equipments form the core of Malwa’s Quality Control and R&D assets. Malwa procures the best quality acrylic fiber from world-renowned manufacturers and produce Acrylic cotton yarn & high bulk Acrylic yarn. Dye house facility at its Works enables to produce dyed yarn of exact shades. Malwa also produce polyester yarn, polyester / cotton yarn, viscose yarn, dyed viscose yarn and viscose cotton yarn. Apart from this Malwa produces wide range of cotton blended yarns with almost all kind of textile fibres in any desired blend ratio. Malwa Worsted Division and Processing House To complement the cotton product supply chain, Malwa has a separate business entity under the names Malwa Worsted Division and Malwa Processing House. Its worsted division manufacturers the worsted yarns from the wool tops sourced from the best available sources from Australia, New Zealand, etc. Its has the state of the art manufacturing facility to manufacture the best quality worsted yarns in coarse to super fine count range adhering to strict international quality norms. To complete the supply chain, Malwa established its own processing house. Its is equipped with the facilities to do pretreatment and dyeing of all kinds of fibres and fibre blends in any form say fibre yarn package or even in hank form. This facility is also used for dyeing of Oswal sewing threads in any shade as desired by the customer. Malwa – Oswal Sewing Threads Malwa groups’ sewing thread manufacturing facility, Oswal Sewing Threads offers a wide range of high quality Spun Polyester, Cotton, Poly-Poly and Poly Cotton, Core spun threads to suit the varying needs of stitching woven & knitted garments. All of its threads are Azo free & meet international standards. Spun Polyester threads are available in different sizes and lengths for different applications, under the brand names (i) Premium Poly (ii) Panther and (iii) Jumbo Poly. Cotton Threads are supplied under the brand names (i) Premium Cott (ii) Jumbo Cott and (iii) Horse Power. Malwa also supplies Poly-Poly Core spun threads under the brand name (i) Ultra Poly and Polycot Core spun Threads in the brand name Ultra Soft. Malwa is also known for its Indigo dyed Cotton Threads and Specialty Threads like (a) CF Polyester Texturised Threads, (b) Blind Hemming Threads.To meet the demands of footwear, leather garments & goods, saddlery, car upholstery & mattress industry, Malwa offers a wide range of Nylon, CF Polyester, Spun Polyester, Cotton, Poly-Poly & Poly-Cot Corespun threads for different applications under various brand names like Energie Nylon, Energie Super, Shark, Ultra Satin. Malwa offers Mercerized Cotton Thread - Rainbow Cott is its premium 6 stranded separable for hand embroidery. Oswal Knits – Premium Apparel Manufacturing and Retailing Division for Brand Labels Oswal Knit offers a range of premium woolen knitwear and clothing through “Gadoni” and “Casablanca” lines. It manufactures top-of-the-line Woolen Knitwear, T-shirts, Shirts, Trousers, Jackets and Accessories to complement the life-style of the crème-de-la-crème segment. Its home-grown brand 'Casablanca' offers winter wear to the customer in the mid and upper mid-price segment and gives the company, presence across all major price segments. A strategic tie-up with an Italian Design Studio ensures that Oswal Knit has access to the latest international designs, trends and styles which gets translated into a line of high fashion contemporary clothing for the Indian consumer. To ensure quality of the highest order, raw materials are sourced from the topmost Italian manufacturers and the technology is replenished and updated from time to time to ensure that it has the requisite cutting edge. Further, in line with the vision of its founder, Malwa Group also runs India's second largest charitable 300 bedded Mohan Dai Oswal Charitable Cancer Hospital in Ludhiana. The hospital is doing a great service to the patients suffering from dreaded disease of cancer. Besides this it has acquired the status of the postgraduate institute for having been affiliated by the Diplomat National Board in various specialties for the post graduate courses. R&D and Innovation: Malwa industries continuously pursuing its commitments to innovation has recently contributed to the world of textiles for the first time globally two new patented products like Indigo Wool, Indigo Silk and their blends. Such products create an enormous opportunity for the company to lead the denim / textile world through a set of totally novel products.

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Malwa Industries LtdContact Person    :Malwa Industries Ltd
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